You Still Speak

IMG_E2806Here is my newest song. I wrote it from my own experience, from my heart. But as I have listened to it I have imagined those souls who are far from God, who need to be reminded that He is speaking and calling them back to Him. I am praying that those who have walked away from their faith will return to the Lord.


11 thoughts on “You Still Speak

  1. Absolutely beautiful, a wonderful message within a wonderful song. I loved everything about it. DAD!

  2. What a beautiful, sad, earnest heart’s cry. One that David would have written in Psalms. A place where we have all walked, with some finding ourselves there more often than others. A broken and contrite heart. A humbleness of heart He will lift up and bless. I thank my God for you daily. Mom

  3. So beautiful Debi. There are so many distractions for our eyes and ears these days…but I’m beginning to think he is shouting at us through all the clatter. Blessings.

  4. It was so utterly beautiful. You are so gifted !! I had no idea you had a blog !! I loved it all ! The pics of the hikes etc & the kids as the got older & older. Your inner thoughts are inspiring to say the least !! Keep it up…TGBTG !! Bless you & Love you more !!

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