You Still Speak

IMG_E2806Here is my newest song. I wrote it from my own experience, from my heart. But as I have listened to it I have imagined those souls who are far from God, who need to be reminded that He is speaking and calling them back to Him. I am praying that those who have walked away from their faith will return to the Lord.


All My Life

Sometimes I am at a loss as to what song to sing on the spot when I want to sing to God. I have hundreds of songs in my memory bank from childhood until now.  This was kind of a remake of one of those choruses we sang in church while I was growing up that went something like this – “I lift my hands up unto Thy name, my lips shall praise You, thus will I bless You, I will lift up my hands unto Thy name”.  I took Psalm 63 as my inspiration and made the words more personal as I would say them.

Still On the Throne (Song)

I previously wrote about the inspiration behind this song in one of my former blog posts. It has the same title, in case you would like to go back and read it.  I have grown to love singing this song as one of my favorites.  It puts me right in front of the God of my life and He hears me as I sing to Him of His awesome worthiness.

Somebody’s Daughter (Song)

I wrote a story with this same title a while back.  It’s in the archives of the previous blog posts if you want to go back and read it.  The song was inspired by a real person who was a friend of my parents.  I was compelled to write it when I had mistakenly felt sorry for her after she had passed away.  The reason for that feeling was that it appeared that she died all alone and without a family.  I quickly caught a different, more accurate perspective and the lyrics to this song came from the beautiful truth of that perspective.

Broken (Without You)

I wrote this song when I was face to face with the insecurity in my heart, allowing me to see clearly how potentially damaging that could be to healthy relationships with my dear loved ones. Even my good deeds can have self-centered motives if I leave my insecurities unchecked.  Pride, jealousy, fear, discontent can all hinder our ability to love others with selfless love.  If there is any true selfless love that flows out of me, it must flow from God, Himself.

Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God.  1 John 4:7



I remember writing this song being so sure I was ready to surrender.  Lately, I have my heart being tugged at persistently to do just that.  The words of this song are so strong and I want to mean them with all of my heart.  A dear and godly woman who I attended church with throughout my childhood would always say, “Lord, make me willing to be willing.”



This song was born after a period of darkness in my thoughts toward myself.  I just could not seem to break free from the lies the enemy was holding me with.  God rescued me from that place and this song poured out of me in a matter of minutes.





Faith He Can See


This song is for my youngest son.  I wrote it when he was nine years old.  He was suffering with tormenting thoughts and wondered why this was happening to him. We prayed and prayed and the relief just would not come quickly.  I told him that sometimes God allows such times of pain in our lives that carry unanswered questions to grow our faith muscles.  This song was a great source of encouragement for him.  It’s not about having perfect belief and understanding everything, it’s about Who you run to.




Light of the World

Let the Lost Be Found (Dad’s Song)


I wrote this song about three years ago at the request of my Dad who pastors a small church in Northern California.  He wanted a song that would speak to the mission of their church – serving others and reaching the lost.