Warm February Days

D475FD73-8CF4-423F-951C-581A2A277AF2Winter used to be a more tolerable season for me.  These days I find myself longing for warmth long before Spring is set to arrive.  We have had a string of unseasonably warm winter days that beg you to get out and enjoy the fresh air!

8B996320-AE4C-4857-97F5-4F72844A8594My youngest son and I both needed a day spent in nature.  We took off to try to capture some of Lake Tahoe’s beauty.  Traveling to Lake Tahoe from our home takes no time at all, and in February there is virtually no tourist traffic.  It’s a different story when you travel around the lake in the summer – terrible traffic.  So this was such a treat to be able to drive and see things at a slow pace.

We stopped at a couple of view points and took in the stunning vastness of the lake.  Living so close to a wonder like Tahoe, one might assume you would find it less impressive over time.  Not so, quite the contrary.  It’s more inviting and accessible the more familiar it becomes.



We ended up spending the majority of our time at the Eagle Lake Falls trailhead across the street from Emerald Bay.  We had hiked the trail years ago in the Spring.  Then, a couple of years ago we tried to visit the location again, but were unable to due to the time of year (Summer).  The destination was heavily crowded and we had to continue on our way.  Disappointing, but a blessing in disguise because that’s the year we found what has proved to be one of our favorite places to visit in the Lake Tahoe area – Sugar Pine Point State Park.  (I highly recommend this as a destination during the summer months.  It is not overly crowded and there are many things to do – beaches, walking trails, small museum with store, and tours of the historical mansion on the grounds.  Great story there.)


00509E23-ECF6-47B6-967C-627C82F560E0We were only able to complete a portion of the trail because although it was a gorgeous day, the trail quickly became a ground of solid ice.  I couldn’t keep my feet underneath me!  My son did much better with the boots he had, but I just couldn’t find an ounce of traction.  It must have been a sight to see!



We continued on and drove around the lake, taking in all the things that are difficult to notice in the warmer months when there are so many tourists.  I think we saw things we’ve never seen before.


I know we need the snow and for winter to do it’s provisional thing for our water supply.  But I will take these warm February days as rare gifts and be grateful for them.


8 thoughts on “Warm February Days

  1. Love! I’m with you- longing for spring! So glad you both had a much needed day enjoying God’s handiwork💕

  2. Okay! So now I’m ready to move to Lake Tahoe, or at the very least to one of the lakes above it. Wow! What beautiful photos! Breath-taking!!!!

  3. Oh yes! I agree with Bonnie! What gorgeous pictures!!! What a great trip you both had! Like we’ve said before, amazing how all that beauty is right here!

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