Thrift Stores, Dryers, and Swamp Coolers (Favorite Little Things)

Just for fun I am adding a category labeled Favorite Little Things where I will share some little thing(s) that just make me feel happy and thankful. We all have those little favorite items or everyday events that light up our days a bit.
We have a swamp cooler that keeps our house cool throughout the summer months. Yes, I am VERY thankful for that, but the location of the cooler is what makes this cool (no pun intended – ha ha) thing happen. Outside, right next to the window where our cooler sits throughout the summer months is our dryer vent. Every time I dry a load of laundry the fresh, cozy, clean smell of the clothes gets sucked right back the house through the blowing air from the cooler. No air freshener or scented candle needed! It’s a small thing, I know, but I love it!

IMG_3243I’ll share one more for today (not easy to cut it down to two things, but there will be plenty more in other posts, I’m sure). Years ago I started making hot apple cider for the fall and winter months. I make a special recipe that quickly became a favorite amongst friends and family and frequently requested. I had one of those big coffee makers that people use at potlucks and for large crowds. For the past 4 or 5 years I haven’t had one to make the cider in, instead making it on the stove top in a big pot. Whenever I need to take it somewhere I carefully pour the piping hot liquid into multiple thermoses. Yes, I could have bought a brand new one, but I never did. I prefer a unique find that is also a great deal. Well, look what I found at a garage sale with my sister two Saturdays ago!

DSCN5083 I paid $3.00 for it! As soon as I got home I cleaned it out and ran it through a water cycle. It works like it’s brand new and I am in love with the retro look. Fall is right around the corner and this gem will get more than its share of warm and cozy use!
Oh, (and I know this is technically three things, but since I got them at the same garage sale I think it’s allowed to sneak these into this post) and these amazing Jadeite plates, too!


Feel free to share in the comments those things that you notice and love!

7 thoughts on “Thrift Stores, Dryers, and Swamp Coolers (Favorite Little Things)

  1. This one had me laughing out loud as I could picture your joy at your garage finds, and at the delight you feel when the sweet smell of clean laundry fills your home. I could see the child-like delight over the sweet and good gifts the Lord bestows on you and want to be just like you; seeing and noticing the good (simple and delightful) gifts from the Lord. Your blog has started my day with joy. Thank you.

  2. These’speciql’ little things become huge as they enlarge our focus on gratitude and joy!
    LOVE your postsDebi😘😘

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