Favorite Little Things – House and Home (peel and stick wallpaper)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted in the Favorite Little Things category. Today we’ll look at Favorite Little Things – House and Home (peel and stick wallpaper)! I think I’ll bring the Favorite Little Things category back every so often, with a series on House and Home. I would love to hear your creative ideas, too! I love to be inspired that way.

One of my favorite hobbies is interior decorating. I play with function and overall feel with my ideas. I always aim to have the result be a room that is comfortable and that we enjoy occupying. I get so many ideas that I am eager to try, so I use my own home as my canvas. I change things often!

My interior decorating budget has always been small. I learned years ago, when we had no extra funds for such frivolities, to be creative by using and repurposing what I already had. I still keep a very small budget for my decorating hobby, so I’m always trying to think of inexpensive ways to transform a room. It’s so satisfying to create something while spending little to nothing.

I have recently incorporated peel and stick wallpaper. There are plenty of colors, styles and patterns to choose from. The installation is easy to get the hang of (no pun intended ha ha) once you’ve given it a few tries. I have noticed that the better the quality, the easier it is to put up. However, there are beautiful and inexpensive options that work just fine. I haven’t bought any that are too pricey, but the ones I spent a little more on are a bit easier to work with. They are not permanent, but they will last as long as you want them to stay. Peel and stick wall paper is perfect for renters as it will personalize a space beautifully and leave no trace upon moving.

Favorite Little Things - House and Home (peel and stick wallpaper)
Peel and stick behind the dishes on the shelves adds a pop of interest.
peel and stick wallpaper for stair risers
Peel and stick made specifically for stair risers.
Favorite Little Things - House and Home (peel and stick wallpaper)
This is the smallest little section of wall, but packs a big punch to add character.


Favorite Little Things - House and Home (peel and stick wallpaper)
Favorite Little Things - House and Home (peel and stick wallpaper)
Favorite Little Things - House and Home (peel and stick wallpaper)
The two images above this one are on this same wall. You can see when looking at the overall perspective, it adds interest and texture, but still is relatively neutral in the overall look.

I realized very early into my decorating attempts that nothing is too permanent – that you can change it if you don’t like it or you get tired of it. It’s not all that risky, really, if the budget is kept low. Some people do like higher-end approaches, so I can understand that might make it more difficult to have a whimsical mindset in regards to interior decorating.

Either way, there’s always a cupboard or closet or shelf that could use a little life brought to it. It’s so enjoyable to make ordinary things pretty – lining a junk drawer, wallpapering the back of your closet, or the back of a china hutch.

This peel and stick sits in an old window and covers a black window shelf that fell flat in the overall feel of the room. Look closely to see that even the plastic pot that sits in the brass bowl has a decorative paper wrapped around it.

I love getting new ideas. Some of them are inspired by Pinterest or magazines or design shows, but some come from just looking at a space that feels like it needs something to complete it or make it pretty. Not everything works like I think it will. But funny enough, usually the “misses” are what end up in the coolest outcomes.

Happy decorating!

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  1. I rely on your suggestions when it comes to decorating, and I am never ever disappointed! I am going to use the peel and stick film on my bathroom window soon. Thank you for your bright, cheerful ideas.

  2. That green paper is to die for! I love going to your homes over the years and always leave feeling inspired!

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