Winter White

Finally!  I was beginning to wonder if I would post again!  I thought about it often, but was just unable to write.  I will share a little about one of the things that helped inspire me to get back into the swing of things (blogging, photography, scrapbooking, and songwriting) in an upcoming blog.

But for now I want to share about our anniversary/birthday celebration last weekend.  Our anniversary was in November, a busy month to try to carve out any time.  Both my birthday and my husband’s birthday are in February – we combined all and made a special, snowy weekend of it.


Genoa, Nevada is only about an hour from our house.  It is a tiny little community nestled up to forest covered mountains.  It is the oldest establishment in Nevada.  There’s not a lot to ‘do’ there, but it is a lovely place to just ‘be’.


We stayed at an adorable old inn – The White House Inn.  Our little home for two days was the small carriage house in the back.  It was delightfully cozy and comfortable (and super CLEAN).  The landscape surrounding us was dreamy; decorated with old barn and farm structures and two horses on the bright white backdrop of sparkly snow.



Inside we had a warm stove that made the ‘cabin-feel’ complete.  Contributing to the ambience were the beautiful corner stained glass windows.  They even left us with muffins and orange juice in the fridge!  It’s the small things that matter most, you know?

It didn’t stop snowing the entire weekend.  The sweet and abundantly helpful inn keeper even had to shovel us out when we left for home!  (Just in case you were wondering, that’s not our truck in the picture below.)  HAHAHA!

After a delicious dinner at a nearby restaurant we headed back to our little carriage house.  We were so excited to discover that a marathon of Monk episodes was playing!  AAAAAND, (now this is huge) the bathroom fan was so loud that it drowned out Deaconn’s snoring the whole night!!  A true provision from above!

In the morning we tromped through the snow and had breakfast at the little General Store.  The whole town was quiet and peaceful – bright and dark with snow – somehow simultaneously.  The kind of heavy and pleasurable atmosphere you can feel deep down where your heart is.



We took an enchanting walk as the snow came down as fairy dust.  Hoping to see deer on our walk, we were not disappointed.


Every good and perfect gift comes from God, and that’s what this was – a picturesque get-away in the wonder of February’s winter.

9 thoughts on “Winter White

    1. Beautiful Debi and so happy to see your celebration was so special.
      I was about to txt you to see if I’d been dropped by mistake from your blogs… but inspiration can’t be manufactured. 😉

  1. i really enjoyed this blog, Debi. i feel almost like i was there what with the beautiful pictures and your lovely comments…. i especially liked the one about the noisy fan… hahaha.
    i am so thankful to hear that your blogs will be coming again. They bless me like nothing else does.

  2. Oh yes!! I see how beautiful!! Like a dream!! I’m so happy you were able to spend this time there & the snow made it even more special!! I love it!

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