This Time

I know that we are all wondering what next year will be like, when things get back to normal. Thanksgiving is two days away and I almost can’t believe this year is nearly over. It has been dream-like, though not dreamy. All we have to do is stop and hear for the first time ever that we should cancel all of our Thanksgiving plans and the jarring nature of this year reminds us just how real it is.

Though I don’t typically appreciate anyone taking on a pessimistic perspective, I don’t know that this year and all the impactful changes won’t indeed affect our years to come. I hope I’m wrong. But what if life as we know it becomes a thing of the past?

This weekend we hiked a ways in the snowy forest landscape nearby. I thought over and over how much a gift it was to be with my family in nature’s glittery, fresh house of unlimited beauty and free invitation.

There was a time, not so long ago but so far away, that on those mornings we’d wake to snow blanketing the neighborhood the initial thrill I felt was quickly accompanied with a get out the gloves, hats, snow boots, and coats mindset. If there was snow, there was sure to be snow play. The kids delighted in the cold, wet wonderland every chance the weather provided it.

My husband and I recently spoke of nostalgia and how it’s appearance always takes place in the rear-view mirror. We reminisced and agreed how nice it would be to recognize the time that is here now as one of those times we’ll look back on and appreciate, maybe wishing we could go back and live it for a day or two more.


I look around our yards and remember all the snowmen that have visited us over the years. I’m tempted to give myself over to melancholy, missing those days of children’s wonder and laughter and rambunctious excitement (even the snowy puddles all over the floor inside the house).

Things have changed. Our children have become young men. The most snow activity around here these days is me shoveling our neighbors driveway when needed. But we are making new memories in a new time. It is a sheer delight to have our grown children choose to spend time with us. They are beautiful in their adulthood, learning what works and what doesn’t, working out a life for themselves.

The times are changing. Each day is new. Our loved ones, cherished.

This time is that time.

8 thoughts on “This Time

  1. Yes! I am so thankful that the Lord made us capable of remembering. Insightful. And I couldn’t help but remember when you were the child giving sweet memories to me. Thank you for your transparency. Beautifully written.

    1. Memories have always hurt me just a little, sometimes more than a little. I’m sure when we look back to these times they will be just as sweet. Different, but sweet.

  2. Well said Deb. We all have choices to make at different times in our life. To chose to believe life is winding down would indeed be an unfortunate choice for anyone. Instead, deciding to believe that life’s next stage (whatever that is) can be just as rewarding and wonderous. The most precious realization is when you are at peace because our heavenly Father never changes. We can count on that fact regardless of where we are in life. In Him we have life and that MORE abundantly!

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