Thank You

DSC_3719It’s time for me to update my blog bio and picture. You can check out the updates at the end of this post. I published my first blog post a year ago this month! What a full year it has been (has it really been a year?)! I have loved, loved, loved pouring into this blog. It has given me a platform to write – something I love to do but didn’t have a place for it before. There have been lessons I’ve learned and things that I’ve had in my heart (some things precious to me) and I have been able to share them through this blog. I am enamored with photographs and I’m thrilled to engage in amateur photography and to weave some of my pictures through the posts for added weight and beauty. And, thanks to my husband’s prompting I will be sharing some of my songs with you too.

It was my initial plan to only write encouraging posts and stories, but I have learned that levity is fun and people are encouraged by little stories, tips, and humor as well as the deeper things. So in addition to the deeper heartfelt posts I will also continue to post the occasional house and garden interest and write about fun trips and outings.

You have all been the most lovely and gracious followers of my blog. Be free to share and invite others as you think they might enjoy the blog and be encouraged by it.

Thank you for listening, commenting, supporting me, and making this something worthwhile.



10 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I’ve loved them all! Funny and light as well as those deeply moving ones. I feel closer to you and our Savior as a result of your transparent heart. I, too, cannot believe a whole year has passed and I am looking forward to another year with you and your blog. Thank you, Debi!!!

  2. Your new pictures are just beautiful!! Itโ€™s been a blessing reading & listening!! ๐Ÿ’›

  3. LOVE your comments, photos and music. Glad you added your songs as well. You have achieved your goal- you inspire, make me smile as well as ponder….love you!!

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