Old Things, New Cleaning Products, and Cozy Work Spaces

Here’s a quick little post under the Favorite Little Things category to hold us over until the next Reflections post.  I have been working on something, but I can’t yet get it quite right.  The message is very clear to me, but I’ve had a tough time expressing my thoughts to the point where I’m confident the message will be clear to you, the readers.  I hope to finish soon!

                                                                          LITTLE THING #1

I shared in a previous post about my love of a good find while doing shopping of any kind and ESPECIALLY a garage sale or thrift store find.  A couple of weekends ago my sister and I found the best sale we’ve been to in years!  It was an estate sale featuring mostly mid-century items.  Ah, it was a gold mine!  If we had taken a big truck with us there would have been an ornate jewel-toned couch and a few chairs featured in this post as well.  I was able to snag an unbelievable collection of post cards with generations of this family’s correspondence!


I was taken immediately with the messages and dates on just the few I had quickly skimmed over.  This was a treasure trove of history at my fingertips, and I COULD NOT pass it up.  My husband was just as impressed as I was when I brought the box home and showed him what I had stumbled upon.  We’ve read through only a fraction of them.  There are so many notes from decades (1905 is the earliest so far) of travel around the world.  Jerusalem, Cuba, Egypt, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland are among the many locations these postcards were sent from.  Some include important historical references. I talked them down to $13 for the whole box and countless hours of entertainment!  I’m so excited to dive in and discover more about history through this priceless documentation.

                                                              LITTLE THING #2

That same day at another sale I found a box full of old music magazines.  Most are in great condition, dating back to the 1930’s (so far).  There is so much history in the magazine articles that put a sharp focus on the culture of that particular time in our nation’s history.  $1 for the whole box!


                                                               LITTLE THING #3

I do love a clean house, but sometimes keeping it that way can feel like such a chore.  The maintenance is much more enjoyable when I have a brand new product to use.  There’s typically nothing to write about (haha) when we’re talking about dish soap and surface cleaner.  I don’t enjoy the lingering chemical odor left after a deep cleaning.  But since I bought these new products I actually try to find things to clean!  They leave my home with the fresh scent of fall and apple cider.  Need a motivator to go after your house-keeping chores?  Try a new cleaning product or two for inspiration!


                                                               LITTLE THING #4

I love to make cozy spaces of functionality in my home.  At any given time you’ll find at leas two or three specially designated work (reading, music, scrapbooking, writing, etc.) areas that I’ve carved out in my house.  Here is my writing, bill-paying (yes, I still do it the old-fashioned way), menu and shopping-list making space.  In the morning the sun’s warmth saturates this back living room and creates a beautiful, streaming light.  (I can’t pass up an early morning because so many magical things happen in the morning light.)  It costs nothing to rearrange some furniture in order to refresh a room and make it more inviting.


I would love to hear what some of your favorite little things are!  Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Old Things, New Cleaning Products, and Cozy Work Spaces

  1. I, too, love mornings and the first rays of sunshine. I always feel like a new day brings new promises from the Lord and His word.
    You captured the feeling of excitement and joy for learning and living in this beautiful blog. Next time we have a garage sale here I will be there!! Love you, Debi.

  2. Two of my favorites are young women (sisters) who work very hard to make life for their families and themselves the best it can be. They both inspire others with their lives and do everything they can to be people of integrity and daily exhibit love, caring, courage, strength, compassion to everyone within their sphere of influence. With all that said, they still make room in their lives to be themselves, which in itself is enough to love.

  3. My favorite little things, is that my wife can be entertained with 14 bucks and some cleaning supplies lol.

  4. My favorite little thing, is that my wife is entertained, with 14 bucks and the cost of cleaning supplies lol.

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