Music Festival Glow

DSC_4177I am still basking in a glow of gratitude from last weekend.  My husband had asked me a year ago if I would be willing to perform at Joshua Fest (an incredible Christian music festival held in Quincy, CA each year) if we were accepted and approved to do so.  In times past I would not have wanted to risk putting myself out there like that, but I threw caution to the wind and said yes.

DSC_4166I have always absolutely loved singing and playing, and I have had an outlet of ministry in one capacity or another to use these gifts and talents.  I have led worship, sung at weddings and funerals, special events, ministered (still do four to five times a month) at hospitals, but to pursue anything like this was uncomfortable for me.  My husband has always wanted me to be able to share my music and the songs I have written.

I have “pursued” music in the way of writing and recording songs, but have never sent anything in anywhere for just such a purpose.  This was a first and it was worth it!


We camped there at the fair grounds where the festival is held.  The concerts went late into the nights and began again in the mornings.  The music and the performers glorified God.  I was greatly encouraged by their inspiration to be passionate about giving God everything.  In my desire to keep a pure heart and correct motivation regarding my role in music, I have often wondered just how much of a ministry performing music can truly be.  I was so touched by the hearts of the other musicians and the power of their message through their music, that those doubts were laid to rest.  I know that music is powerful and can be used for God’s glory, but I believe there is such a fine line as to who it’s actually for.  I pray that I will be used of God in this same way with music for as long as He allows.

Our camper was parked in a uniquely beautiful spot overlooking a lumber mill.

DSC_4180  Maybe not everyone thinks of lumber mills as beautiful, but I always have.  It made for an enchanting atmosphere in the morning as the sun came up and I spent my time reading the Bible and praying.

DSC_4186 DSC_4183DSC_4185See, even those little details blessed me like shiny, valuable gifts from Someone who loves me.  I felt like God spoiled me with all kinds of goodness, just because.


My middle son played with me.  We practiced together almost every day for two months. Time richly and eternally spent that will always be amongst my best memories.

IMG_E3255  (My husband and me at our “merch” table!  Talk about an uncomfortable sort of putting myself out there!  My husband gives me those gentle nudges that I need when I talk myself out of doing scary things.)

I am exceedingly grateful for the time I got to spend with each of my kids this past weekend.

IMG_E3251 DSC_4174 It means SO MUCH to me and I know that it was a gift from God.  We had friends and family come all the way out to support us and watch us play.  I was overwhelmed by that kind of love and friendship and loyalty.  I mean OVERWHELMED.  To be loved like that feels scary for me – I don’t know why.  It feels risky, but I am loved anyway.  Oh, I want to love others with abandon too.

That’s a wrap!  Thank you, Joshua Fest!  Thank you, LORD for such beautiful things.

8 thoughts on “Music Festival Glow

  1. What an absolutely wonderful day, watching our daughter sing for the glory of the Kingdom of God. Thank you, Debi for (as you said) putting yourself out there. I can honestly say, and I mean this, you were truly a blessing to all who not only heard your songs, but listened to your messages in between. Can’t wait until next year!!!

  2. It was an honor and incredible joy to see and hear you play in that setting! Even the slight breeze was perfect as it was so warm out.
    The CD has been playing non stop in my car each day since! It has been a strength to my spirit!
    Thank you for putting yourself out there and risking ‘yourself’ in order for God to be glorified in your life!
    Can’t wait to come see you at the next event!! Love you very much, Charity

  3. As I listened to your songs that day, I felt the Holy Spirit ministry love to me. And that love I felt, I poured out in worship to God. I love because He first Loved me. And I felt His love for me that day, that hour, because you loved God through music!

  4. It was an amazing day. I’m so proud of you & Deaconn too, as he paved the way to make this possible for you. You are so dearly loved. All of these people came to be proud of their Debi & got to enjoy & worship as you invited in the Holy Spirit in that place.

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