Joy and Nature

In December I started a ‘thankful for’ list in one of the shiny new journals I got for Christmas.  I am in the 800s on that list.  It is plain to me that God’s creation is a continual source of joy in my life.  For example, in January, just about every morning, God painted the skies pink!  We were short on snow, but got colorful skies instead.  It seems that when I am searching for things to add to my list, nature is a frequent guest.

Yesterday my husband and I visited the wetlands at Washoe Lake.  Here are some of the pictures I took.  I hope you enjoy the beauty, too.


8 thoughts on “Joy and Nature

  1. Oh, what beautiful pictures!!! Thank you for sharing this beauty with us. And I am going to count blessings, too. What a great idea to help focus on the things we should focus on!

  2. Oh so lovely! I will also share with work, I already suggested the hike, now I can show them what it looks like!

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