Broken (Without You)

I wrote this song when I was face to face with the insecurity in my heart, allowing me to see clearly how potentially damaging that could be to healthy relationships with my dear loved ones. Even my good deeds can have self-centered motives if I leave my insecurities unchecked.  Pride, jealousy, fear, discontent can all…

Oh My Heart

This is a sweet little story that is quite simple yet it reminds me once again how deeply loved I am by God. I know that God loves me.  I believe with all my heart in the gospel of Christ and the unfathomable love that has been shown to all mankind.  It shouldn’t be so…

You’re There

The whole story of how and why I wrote this song is written in the lyrics.  God is faithful.  


  I remember writing this song being so sure I was ready to surrender.  Lately, I have my heart being tugged at persistently to do just that.  The words of this song are so strong and I want to mean them with all of my heart.  A dear and godly woman who I attended church…


This song was born after a period of darkness in my thoughts toward myself.  I just could not seem to break free from the lies the enemy was holding me with.  God rescued me from that place and this song poured out of me in a matter of minutes.        

Faith He Can See

  This song is for my youngest son.  I wrote it when he was nine years old.  He was suffering with tormenting thoughts and wondered why this was happening to him. We prayed and prayed and the relief just would not come quickly.  I told him that sometimes God allows such times of pain in…

Let the Lost Be Found (Dad’s Song)

  I wrote this song about three years ago at the request of my Dad who pastors a small church in Northern California.  He wanted a song that would speak to the mission of their church – serving others and reaching the lost.