Pearls – I read today that 30 years is the Pearl Anniversary. The last time I wrote about our anniversary was when my husband and I had just celebrated 25 years of marriage, the Silver Anniversary – Silver Bells. Today we have been married 30 years! We were teenagers when we married. We didn’t feel like young, clueless kids all those years ago, but we definitely had a lot to learn about just about everything. Life is learning to navigate.

I wrote in my journal this morning:

Thank You, Lord for keeping us, for sustaining us, for providing for our every need and even more than we could ever count by way of blessings. You are our Rock and Fortress. We could never have had a moment’s peace for our souls in the times when life’s difficulties bear down, without Your love and ever-present help. You have laughed with us and cried with us. You are everything that matters in this journey. Thank You that we have You and You have us. Amen

We celebrated early (October) so we could have nice weather to camp. Yosemite was our destination of choice. We wanted to be surrounded by nature and beauty and to explore.

Maybe pearls are for the 30 year Anniversary because by now we should have some “pearls” of wisdom to share. I think we probably, hopefully have a couple. I was talking with a dear friend of mine a couple days ago, and we both agreed we can appreciate all we have learned throughout the years. It is a nice feeling to have some life, some experience under our belts.

There’s a peaceful feeling that comes with getting older. God is so faithful and patient as we grow, that eventually His loving wisdom rubs off on us. I can’t think of a “secret” to our longevity, but I know that every good and perfect gift comes from our Father.

Happy 30th Anniversary, Deac!