Is There A Dog in Here?

I just had my 47th birthday! That morning I awoke with God’s tender reminder of how loved I am. The thoughts of Him covering me through every storm, giving me life and being my Rock and Hope for those 47 years washed over my mind and heart with force. Gratitude is a gift from God. His perspective and grace are what prompt every good heart-thought I have.

My sweet husband and boys all remembered to wish me happy birthday. They love me and I am deeply moved by that. My nieces, sisters-n-law and mother-in-law all sent me loving birthday messages. The day before my birthday, my parents drove 3 hours from California to spend the day with me before the storm was due to hit later that evening. My sister, two of her kids, and my youngest son were able to come spend the time together. The rest of the family was at work for Mom and Dad’s short visit.

Beauty in the little things which, to me, have always been the big things.

I am fortunate enough to have friends and family who are skilled in gift-making and gift-giving. I love handmade things, thrift store/garage sale finds, and words. When I was flooded with such things this birthday (Christmas too), I felt known and cared for.

My sister is incredibly talented to create stunning works of art – paintings, jewelry, clothing, custom clothes hangers, handbags, dresses and more. This journal with the two trees in the background and its vibrant color scheme was just a plain canvas before she put her beautiful touches on it. GORGEOUS!

I had told her what kind of earrings I would love to have, so what did she do? – she went to the craft store and bought what she needed to make these, my favorite earrings EVER!

My sister’s art fills my home with my favorite things. I will show just one more of her gifts to me real quick. She needle-pointed this two-sided pendant for me a couple of Christmases ago!

My mom is an artist as well. Her skills reach far (paintings, blankets, sweaters, purses, scarves, gloves and on and on and on!) This gorgeous pillow was my birthday gift this year. She made scarves for all the grandkids and with the remnants, threw this gem together. Oh, I wish I knew how to do that!

My dad is a great talent too! I know, I am so lucky! He built a chicken coop and shed that could be displayed in any home and garden magazine. Everything he builds is spectacular! He’s one of those people that can do anything and do it well. For Christmas (veering a bit from my birthday story, but I wanted to brag on him) he made my sister and me matching cutting boards out of walnut and maple.

My beloved friend of 37 years took me out for my birthday sushi lunch (she treats me every year!). She knows how to find treasures at thrift stores like no one else (my favorite) and she found and gifted me a ring that I have worn every single day since. So much love.

Another dear friend of my heart knows how much I love words and how deeply they move me. Here are two of the things she wrote to me in my birthday card that I will read over and over again.

And finally…the reason behind the strange title to this post – my living, breathing (puppy breath) birthday present — Scooby!

This post would be 50 pages long if I started in on how wonderful our new boy is. So, this is his introduction to you all. There will undoubtedly be many more appearances made by this sweet, funny, smart, playful…(Oh, shoot, see? There I go. I can’t stop myself!). Until next time. 😉