Early Bird Sees the Beauty


There is a park about 10 minutes from my home that offers a combination of desert scape, mountain views, city views, farm land, and trails.  It is called Wedekind.


DSC_2795  I have taken quite a few of my notorious morning walks here.  The sunrises are sharp and sudden.  The trails are many.  In fact, I have never taken the same route twice.


Through the years I have taken countless ‘morning walks’.  I have many photos to show for it.  I think that I will create another category on this blog with just such a label.  That way I can share some of the early morning beauty with you.

There is just something about the new day’s air and the sky and the quiet that greets you like a loving friend or a dear grandmother.  In fact, this time of day inspires many memories to warm my heart and be grateful for, and my sweet Granny is often remembered on these walks.

It is also a time of escape for me.  Sometimes (often) I carry the weight of burdens that I seem incapable of laying down.  These walks help me hear peace being spoken to my soul.


So let this be the first post in my newest category – Morning Walks.  May it be a treat for you to see my attempts to capture my enjoyment of God’s handiwork in the early mornings.